We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!


Thanks for visiting our two showrooms at the CAPITAL AUDIO FEST 2023, hope you had a great time. We surely enjoyed your company and the way we experienced music together on these fantastic audio systems. Scroll down for pictures and a kind invitation to our next events.

BLINK HIGH END brought to you flagship audio systems with different flavors.

In Room 310, you listened to a full AUDIO GROUP DENMARK system, with the Børresen M1 cost-no-object monitors, powered by Aavik’s groundbreaking C-880 and P-880 amplifiers, Aavik’s streamer and DAC, and supported with Ansuz Acoustics Titanium Rack, Supreme and Gold Signature technology. On Sunday afternoon, we demonstrated the Perlisten D212s subwoofer.

in Room Plaza 1, in partnership with distributor Matterhorn Audio Group, we presented the American premiere of the outstanding Kroma Atelier Turandot, a magnificent sounding, impressive looking loudspeaker, earning the praise and favor of many attendees.

The Turandots were in the company of Aavik 880 pre and power amps, Ansuz Acoustics racks, cables and accessories, the new Linn Klimax DSM Organik with Utopik power supply and the Technics SL-1000R top-of-the-line turntable.

Additionally, we presented the American Premiere of the celebrated FinkTeam Borg Episode 2, the new Creek Audio 4040A integrated amplifier and the top-of-the-line Diamond 10 cables by the italian manufacturer HiDiamond.

Blink High End is your East Coast trusted dealer, known as a loudspeaker heaven with superlative sound experience.  We enjoy a growing national and international friendship with audio lovers, and aim to offer the very best in each performance/price category.

Tim Lukas, Veronica Diaz, and our team Kyle, Augustine, Wildin look forward to connecting with you around some truly fantastic musical experiences. Come to Boston and experience the ultimate with us.





The Børresen M1 is the entry speaker of the cost-no-object “M”  class by Børresen Acoustics. It’s a monitor that does not sound like any monitor you have heard, and has addictive qualities that raise the bar of what’s possible in loudspeaker music reproduction. Employing a 3d printed Zirconium basket design, the famous Michael Børesen’s ironless motor design, and a whole array of highly intelligent design choices, the M1 represents what many claim but very few actually deliver:  truly innovative loudspeaker technology and design. It does not hurt that it’s also among the world’s most beautiful looking speakers.







Ansuz Acoustics D-TC Supreme line:

Borresen M1

Børresen M1. Small speaker – Huge soundstage

The Børresen M1 is the absolute high-end version of a loudspeaker that incorporates all the premium elements of the most innovative and advanced audio technologies that both Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen stands for. The performance of the M1 loudspeaker makes it necessary to redefine the quality of absolute high-end music reproduction.


When designing the Børresen M series loudspeakers, Børresen’ s overriding goal was to challenge existing technological constraints and pioneer into new and unorthodox realms of audio technology. This comprises the absolutely new design of loudspeaker components, finding effective ways to fight resonance and vibrations, and searching for materials that provide the ultimate properties to elevate the sound quality to unprecedented new level.

Aavik P-880

New Aavik 880 line. The engineer and the artist

Aavik expands its range of amplifiers with their new flagship Aavik 880 series. The 880 series is Aavik’s most innovative and sophisticated amplifier production to date. The new series consists of the Aavik I-880 integrated amplifier, the C-880 control amplifier, and the P-880 power amplifier. The primary development goal of this series was to create a powerful non-switching pure Class A amplifier with the lowest possible output impedance that would contribute to a better signal and less noise, thus improving speaker performance, resulting in a much more organic sound and more musicality.

In mid-2021, Flemming Erik Rasmussen, founder and former owner of Gryphon Audio, became a full-time member of Audio Group Denmark’s design and development team. With more than 35 years of experience in creating and realizing “dreams” and his artistic passion for designing hi-fi equipment, he was the perfect fit for Aavik. This was the beginning of a dynamic, and productive collaboration between Michael Børresen’s with his innovative approach, and Flemming Erik Rasmussen’s artistic and aesthetic design touch. He and Michael Børresen embarked on designing and developing a new innovative Aavik amplifier that would elevate the quality of musical authenticity into a new dimension. The result is the new Aavik 880 amplifier flagship series.

Blink High End