Kroma Atelier


pure passion, pure emotion, pure magic

Kroma Atelier is an exciting speaker line created in Granada, Spain.

They have exceeded the limits of sound reproduction that, up until now, only the best Hi-Fi systems have been able to achieve. They allow you to immerse yourself in a live performance with each listening.

The careful selection of the best materials in the manufacturing chain and the premium design have resulted in the products having both high quality and a flawless sound resolution.

Each model is designed to fit specific needs and it has been poetically named after the female protagonists of the greatest Operas.

You have never enjoyed such an overwhelming, realistic sound . . . such an unknown rich timbre . . . and such high level of detail that, up until now, seemed impossible to achieve.


Kroma has chosen Krion to manufacture the speaker cabinets because of the high acoustic insulation capacity of the material. Built entirely with our mineral compact, the speakers play the sounds with high fidelity and realism. The color chosen for the manufacturing of their speakers is white, which offers an elegant aesthetic according to the quality of the product. The combinations with wood and the logo of the company printed in relief on the surface end up defining a design thought up in order to be at the forefront of the acoustic sector.

The high malleability of Krion offers ergonomic designs, which allows the very latest in technology to be combined with artisan techniques manufactured by renowned Spanish guitar luthiers.

The result is a clean sound which is full of naturalness. The easy repair of the solid surface ensures that the speakers retain their unpolished aesthetic for much longer, something which is highly valued by clients.


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