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Viola Audio Laboratories was founded in 2000 as part of a guest. At its heart was a longtime collaboration between two leading designers, Paul Jayson and the late Tom Colangelo. Paul and Tom began their careers at Mark Levinson Audio Systems (MLAS) in the 1970’s Mark Levinson is widely credited with being the father of high-end audio and developing the market at a time when the US hi-fi business was on the wane at home and abroad.

Viola Audio


Viola, at the pinnacle of audio excellence, has advanced audio reproduction to an even higher standard by way of the Viola Crescendo Preamplifier / USB DAC and Viola Concerto Power Amplifier. Years in development, Paul Jayson has brought together the most innovative digital technology and the highest quality, hand selected parts and components assembled in a uni-body all aluminum package. Both are remotely controlled with an application via an Apple iPod Touch which is included with each component.

With the introduction of the Crescendo and Concerto, Viola Audio Laboratories has again elevated what the true audiophile comes to expect from their audio components. Long considered an industry leading product line, Viola Audio Laboratories continues development of revolutionary audio products to meet the refined taste of those who appreciate the highest degree of accuracy in audio reproduction.



The Viola Cadence is a 200W per channel stereo power amplifier with an integral choke input filter type power supply. It incorporates many of the technology advances that were made during the development of the Vi0la Bravo power amplifier.

Like the Bravo, the Cadence is a virtuoso performer with excellent stereo imaging and reproduction of low level detail. The bottom end is extended and well controlled. A generously rated choke input power supply ensures that dynamics are reproduced without compression, even when driving difficult speakers.




The Sonata uses a 4.3’’ TFT color touchscreen display for navigation along with a high quality optical encoder using a magnetic indexing mechanism for volume and balance control.

Power Supply

The Sonata preamplifier uses a separate regulated power supply. Separate regulated supply sections are used for analog circuitry and digital control functions. The main analog power supplies use a choke input design followed by a dual tracking discrete regulator. Printed circuit board mounted low ESR capacitors are used for supply filtering.

Circuit Topology

The Sonata is based on the topology of the Crescendo preamplifier. The Sonata uses the OPA-1 discrete low noise, high speed operational amplifier module. The OPA-1 high current output stage will drive high capacitance cables and power amplifier input stages. The Sonata volume and balance control uses discrete high precision resistors. An additional dual tracking regulator is used for local power supply regulation.

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