For those of you who don’t know the German brand FinkTeam, it is ‘what it says in the name’: A team of talented experts in their respective fields who decided, with Karl-Heinz Fink as their head, to create a brand and to design products that they wished to own. Their day jobs, in general, are as specialists working for Fink Audio Consulting, Europe’s leading acoustical consultancy.

Their first commercial product was the WM-4 — a behemoth of a speaker — designed initially as a reference. The WM-4 allowed them to hear small differences in set up/optimization, of other products they were designing, that would have been missed on less revealing loudspeakers. Then, they created the Borg and  the Kim.

The Borg is “hands down among the most impressive sounding loudspeakers”.

“With the Borg, Karl-Heinz Fink and his team have succeeded in building an excellent loudspeaker. This applies both to the harmonic tonality, which is based on metrology and hearing impressions, and also the design. The acoustically finely tunable Borg is indeed a serious assault on the loudspeaker establishment; with it, any resistance from audiophile listeners is futile in the spirit of the Borg”(Olaf Sturm – hifi & records)

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