Boerresen Acoustics:

0-series and Z-series:  From compact stand-mounted loudspeakers to floor-standing flagship models

When Boerresen Acoustics embarked on the endeavor to create the ultimate loudspeaker, they set themselves some overriding goals:

  • Reengineering the driver technology
  • Optimizing the crossover network
  • Bringing inductance down to the absolute minimum
  • Providing the new loudspeakers with the best mechanical grounding and resonance control.

Thus, all Boerresen Acoustics loudspeakers of both series share the same audio characteristics: An unprecedented musical authenticity, absolutely balanced and very natural in sound. Accordingly, higher series provide an even greater midrange clarity, a deeper bass response and an amazingly holistic, authentic soundstage.

Boerresen Acoustics 0 lineout

Børresen Acoustics O-Series: No compromise

Børresen Acoustics began with the launch of the highly acclaimed and award-winning 0-series of premium loudspeakers. Willing to break new ground, they designed innovative electronic components, used unconventional materials and employed state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.
For the bass/midrange drivers, a new and unique iron-free magnet system was installed which is replacing is replacing ferrite magnets with 4 opposing, extremely powerful neodym ring magnets.
Additionally, the tweeter represents a complete proprietary design. With an ultra-light membrane – with a moving mass of only 0.01 grams – it allows for no upper-frequency limitations with instantaneous response.
Neither expense nor effort was spared in the attempt to create ultimate high-end speaker models that have set absolutely new standards for authentic audio performance.
Since all of these audio components are engineered and assembled in-house, highest quality standards are permanently ensured.

Boerresen Acoustics Z speaker lineup

Børresen Acoustics Z-series: Challenge accepted

The principle that guided the development of the Z-series loudspeakers was to provide an uncompromising high-end audio performance with more conventional components than the 0-series.
Unwilling to make any compromise in high-end audio performance or manufacturing quality – distinctive characteristics for which Børresen Acoustics has developed itself a reputation – the technology behind the Z-series consists of electronic components that are either adopted from the 0-series, completely redesigned, or are innovative spin offs resulting from Børresen Acoustics’ extensive audio research activities.

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