The Power of Raidho Acoustics

Raidho Acoustics is committed to develop and produce the best loudspeakers ever built. Time will show that a Raidho product is state-of-the-art in its category. At Raidho they dare to be unique, explore new territories of sound design and put our ideas into the nice products featured on this website. Raidho is always on the move so please keep updated with our latest innovations on this website and contact your dealer for a breathtaking demonstration.

Raidho Acoustics develops and manufactures loudspeakers for people with a sense for aesthetics. Those who think sound should be fantastic and expect exceptional design and cool visual expression. The brand distinguishes itself with Handmade Speakers, Raidho Ceramix Drivers, Raidho Ribbon Tweeters, and a Tantalum-Diamond Cut.

The unique technology of Raidho Acoustics is an extension of the classic technologies that have been at the heart of HiFi loudspeakers for years. However, Raidho Acoustics have turned away from the mainstream development of “synthetic sound” or simulated HiFi. We operate with the genuine article. Developments in genuine HiFi had come to a standstill a few years ago, until Raidho came up with some ideas for lifting HiFi sound to new levels. Hifi purists all over the world, consider Raidho to be among the finest loudspeakers developed and produced today. Read more here.

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