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Unlock the full potential of your systems performance.

Energy is at the heart of all your most beloved components. From your speakers, to the CD player and all the way to the powerpoint connection. During use these devices can’t fully encapsulate this energy and create wastage through offshoots of heat and vibration. This is the key to unlocking your home system! Les Davis Audio products all work simultaneously to reduce the wasted the potential by cleaning up the transfer of current, ultimately giving you the most clear and dynamic experience

The Difference

Our patented design of the 3D² material utilises the tried and tested viscoelastic layer damping, With applications deriving from aeroplanes to control the noise and vibration throughout the large ship bodies. And after countless hours of testing different materials and layering, the formula was discovered. It utilises a set of layers of flexible and non flexible materials pressed together, that when placed on your favourite everyday devices will control the frequency of the energy running through the device. Thus minimising vibration, reducing wasted energy to allow the device to output the best quality signal possible and knocking your socks off in the process!

The 3D² Technology.

Constrained Layer Damping is a well researched scientific innovation with many applications. Involved is the simple process of having a viscoelastic material (simply meaning flexible) pressed between two layers of a more sturdy material, which ultimately regulates the vibration output of the target component.

All electronic components including your speakers and CD players inherently suffer from wasted potential due to the vibrations caused by the electrical and mechanical process by which they operate. In your home audio system, at every connection, from power socket to CD player to speaker, there is a gradual loss of energy and potential, which ultimately leads to a completely avoidable, inferior experience.


Shearing Effect

Les Davis Audio uses a reinforced soft aluminium compound (Damping Layer) that is sandwiched between a premium polymeric laminate (Constraining Layer). When introduced with the vibrations of your systems components, the layers oscillate laterally to eliminate their harmful effect on the transferral of energy within the device.

What Sets Them Apart

The Les Davis Difference has been in the choice of materials, the replicated multilayering have been carefully chosen over many years of testing. Each product is designed to remove the noise inducing vibration in many parts of an audio system. Vibration control is point specific.

In every case, Les Davis Audio has made a significant sonic difference in the sound output. The noise floor is reduced. Music fills the room, with more visceral impact. The effect is not subtle–you will hear a considerable difference when you use 3D in your audio system.

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