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The Børresen M1 is the ultimate loudspeakers that incoporates the best of what that Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen stands for.



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Børresen M1

The basket – A real revolution

Zirconium, topology-optimized and 3D printed
The basket is a real revolution – it is a topology-optimized 3D-printed basket made of zirconium, which ensures maximum rigidity and thus minimum vibration and resonance.

M series membrane – Bass/midrange

Maximum stiffness with minimum noise.
The membrane is designed to achieve maximum stiffness with minimum noise. The membrane for the M1 is the most advanced and sophisticated speaker membrane on the market. The M1 membrane has the highest stiffness and the lowest membrane resonance. The technological requirements for this unrivalled, world-class membrane performance made it necessary to design, develop and assemble all components in-house. Michael Børresen and his team had to construct a large number of different variants and models until they accomplished their uncompromising goal of ultimate membrane performance for an unprecedented sound quality.

Magnet system – Bass/midrange

The Silver Supreme Edition in the M Series.
The patented Børresen iron-free magnetic system has been further refined. Børresen uses iron-free drivers in all its loudspeakers. Their inductance is about ten times lower than that of conventional drivers. This exceptionally low inductance has now been even further reduced to an unprecedented new minimum level – about 12 times lower than the inductance level of conventional, iron-based drivers. Here is how we achieved this: Since silver has 6-8% better conductivity than copper, we replaced the copper pole rings with in-house manufactured, handcrafted silver rings.

Cryogenic process

Extreme treatment, huge improvement.
Cryogenic treatment of all metal components of the loudspeaker results in a further significant improvement in conductivity – unleashing finest and most subtle musical details. When metal components undergo cryogenic processing, they are subjected to extreme cooling. In the wake of this process, the crystal structure of the metal contracts more and more. Alloying elements are pushed out of the grain structure of the metal, which now becomes very similar to a monocrystal. These structural changes in the metal have a profound effect on its audio properties, resulting in an increase of conductivity by 6-8%.

Crossover M series

Serial configuration, coherent system.
Børresen loudspeakers are fitted with a serial crossover configuration. The reason for this is that the drivers share the very same flow of electric current in the crossover region. As a result, the electric current is phase-locked over the crossover region. Unlike standard parallel filtering, where each driver receives its own frequency and phase content, the new serial filters work by diverting out-of-band currents around the current flows, thus creating a much more coherent system. This unrivaled and innovative technological approach takes your music into a new echelon of acoustic delight.

Børresen M1 Cabinet

– Redesigned and reinforced

The design is an evolution and optimization of the stunning Børresen 01 cabinet. To ensure even higher performance, the M1 cabinet is constructed with additional 5mm braced, block-milled, pressed wood structures. In addition, braces are built into the sides of the speaker to give the cabinet even more rigidity and mechanical stability. The tweeter and woofer sections are fitted with matched terminals to ensure highest efficiency. The cabinet is covered with black piano lacquer.

The Børresen M1 stand – Aesthetics with sonic potential

The stand for the M1 speaker was designed with auditory functionality in mind to ensure the impressive performance of this world-class speaker.

The speaker is placed on the meticulously machined top plate, which is constructed as a sandwich solution. The base material is a heavy, compact laminate panel with titanium layers on the top and bottom. This unique sandwich construction supports a natural and organic sound.


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