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Aavik I-880
Aavik I-880

Aavik C-880 Pre-Amplifier


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To create the best and most effective control section, Aavik’s engineering department has carefully tested and evaluated each electronic component to ensure both the lowest possible noise floor and further refinement of the signal. The ultimate goal of this thorough approach is for the Aavik C-880 amplifier to unlock a dynamic musical range that projects even the smallest musical details onto a palpably larger soundstage with an extremely quiet background.

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Aavik C-880

By dividing the Aavik I-880 integrated amplifier into separate power and control amplifiers, Audio Group Denmark has created the Aavik P-880 and the Aavik C-880. This separation has reduced the noise floor to an even lower level, refined the signal, and increased the power resources. Furthermore, this division has created space for new technologies, which have further contributed to an even larger sound stage with an extremely quiet background.


Aavik C-880 Active Analog Crossover

The Aavik active analog crossover secures a precise timing in the delivery of sound signals to the receiving components. This is essential to avoid a harsh and compressed sound. The Aavik active crossover has been designed to either very precisely control a subwoofer or with the integrated low pass and high pass filter to control a 2.1 home theater system. Alternatively, Aavik’s analog crossover can function as analog room correction control.


Excellent and absolutely precise subwoofer control
Since the crossover is analog, there is no latency. The timing of the signal transfer to both the speakers and the subwoofer is absolutely precise. This results in an utmost pristine and authentic sound. Other conventional crossovers, such as DSP transport the signal through a digital circuit. This results in a latency of 15-20 msec. The effect of a failing precision in the timing of the signal transfer to the speakers, respectively the subwoofer, impairs an authentic audio reproduction, creates a compressed sound and adds a harsh tone to the music.


Control your home theater and your 2.1 audio setup
By using the low pass and high pass filter, the sound performance of your individual speakers can be optimized. When directing the low frequencies to the subwoofer, more energy to the main speakers will be released. To ensure an even volume of the speakers and the subwoofer, the gain on the high pass and the low pass filter can separately be controlled.


Analog Room Correction – prevent “Room Boom”, the annoying pressure resonance
Room correction is a matter of identifying and eliminating room resonance. The one specific resonance that creates an unpleasant and disturbing sound is a pressure resonance resulting from the given size of the room – subjectively, it feels like a “boom” emanating from the speakers. To eliminate this room specific resonance, the Aavik amplifiers can adapt their audio performance and make allowances for any given room size. Both the low pass and high pass filter allow the listener to set the exact frequency progress around those low frequencies which cause this disturbing ‘Boom’ effect.


The Aavik C-880 cabinet design

A study of materials and shapes

The exterior design of the Aavik 880 amplifier is the result of Flemming Erik Rasmussen’s artistic and aesthetic work. However, his design philosophy is and always has been that design must serve purpose. The cabinet of the Aavik 880 amplifier was designed primarily with the goal of maintaining the best audio characteristics of the electrical design, i.e. the lowest inductance, reducing hysteresis to an absolute minimum, and ensuring excellent resonance control.

In addition, since this was a Class A amplifier that was to be developed, there were some predefined premises for the design. With these goals in mind, the design process became a study of shapes and materials that opened up a unique and constructive synergy between Flemming Erik Rasmussen and Michael Børresen.

Also, the amplifier features cooling elements on the sides and top that clearly bear Flemming’s design signature. The outer part of the volume button is covered with titanium, and the control panel is designed as a large LCD touchscreen display.

The choice of materials, as well as the interior and exterior design, are the result of Fleming and Michael’s collaboration and are characterized by functionality, but also by a very aesthetic and elegant design.

Copper Enclosure

Based on Flemming Erik Rasmussen’s fascination with copper for its visual appearance and feel, and Michael Børresen’s insight into the sonic properties of copper, this material was chosen as a fundamental component of the design. As a result, the Aavik 880 amplifiers feature a solid copper enclosure. This results in a further reduction in hysteresis, lower output impedance, lower inductance, a positive effect on the damping factor, and cooler operation of the amplifier. All these components ensure that the music is reproduced with more energy and power.




Line in:

Gain Line 1-4:
Gain Line 5:
Input impedance:

Pre out:

Pre out:
Max output:
Distortion, line stage:
Output impedance:

Amplifier Section

Volume Control:76 dB – 1dB steps

Aavik Noise Reduction

Active Tesla coils:314
Active Square Tesla coils:663
Dither circuitry:36
Active zirconium anti aerial resonance Tesla coils:2

Power consumption

Standby:1 W
Idle:12 W

Dimensions and Weight



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