When thinking of Italy, high performance cars, luxury fashion, beautiful landscape and some of the world’s finest music come to mind. Among this excellence, Italian company HiDiamond will impress you with their open, honest and fast musical sound. ︎The company began innovating the industry selling High Quality Hi-Fi components and devices worldwide in 2000.

The company’s patented 4VRC © technology sets these cables apart from the industry. The copper in these cables are baked four times, as opposed to the industry standard of twice. The procedure ensures that the filament is much purer than those processed with traditional technology 2VRC, ensuring the values of inductance, capacitance and resistance. This technology makes it possible to achieve a purer, honest sound with your audio system.

CEO Filippelli Salvatore created HiDiamond cables to give image and body to a new reality of technically great original products and designs. Now, the company is the largest Italian Audio and Video Cable provider, rooted in strong experience and techical excellence.

They are beautifully well designed and built to stand out.


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