Illusonic is a research and development company located in Switzerland, founded by Christof and Renata Faller. Their mission is to invent and develop technologies to improve audio experiences.

This includes technologies that advance the state of the art of sound capture, processing, and reproduction.

IAP (Illusonic Audio Processor) is one-of-a-kind amplifier, DAC and audio processor. It is like a Swiss Army Knife for audiophiles that optimizes almost any sound system, room, and listening situation

Illusonic’s competence in audio and acoustics is reflected by the numerous scientific publications and patent filings it has garnered.

Illusonic - About immersive sound

Conventionally in high end audio, people “mix and match” devices. They may use a DAC, an analog pre-amplifier, a phono stage, an equalizer, and a processor. Illusonic Audio Processors integrate these functionalities – because they belong together from a quality, technical, and usage perspective. The number of signal transmissions and conversions (AD, DA, digital clock sync) are minimized. Use IAP 2 as a preamplifier and DAC to refine the sound of a conventional stereo system. IAP 4, IAP 8, and IAP 16 feature four to sixteen channels and allow optimization of systems with more than two channels. The channels can be used flexibly for surround, center loudspeaker, active crossovers, subwoofers, and height loudspeakers. World-class signal processing is built into IAPs to make the most out of almost any configuration.

Almost any type of source can connect; Phono, digital, USB, network, HDMI. Unlike other audio  processors that are pc based, the IAP does not need cooling and uses a dedicated signal processor.

The IAP is calibrated with high precision filters, crossovers, and bass management linearize the system and optimize it for the room.︎

The number of possibilities is immense: different rooms, different setups, different number of channels, different listening habits: Complexity is high and chance of error, too. To ensure an optimally tuned system for each customer, Illusonic developed its remote tuning system, by which Illusonic professionals analyze and tune each customer’s system and room acoustic. Tuning service is included for free with every IAP.

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