Sennheiser: Your Reference Sound, Everywhere


Sennheiser headphones are uncompromising and benchmark-setting designed for sophisticated listening, mixing and mastering. The brand incorporates innovative technology to produce excellent sound, including Linear HD drivers and TrueResponse transducers.

Sennheiser believes in the one-driver principle. Based on this, they developed our 7 mm TrueResponse transducer which can be found in various forms throughout their technology. Like tiny loudspeakers, the transducers convert electrical signals into sound-waves you can hear

Sophisticated linear HD drivers in the HD headphones convert sound to ensure that low-frequency bass is reproduced without distortion. All HD headphones are also equipped with Sennheiser’s ActiveGard™. This technology protects consumers ears from sudden volume peaks without interrupting the audio.

For decades now, professional users all around the world have placed their trust in Sennheiser headphones. They have earned the trust and respect of music producers, sound technicians and broadcasters and have established themselves as a firm favorite in studios all over the world. To this day, Sennheiser is a global leader in professional audio technology with a mission to shape the future of the audio world. 

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