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Børresen 05

Børresen 05


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Meet the 2020 Golden Ear winner
Floor standing Loudspeaker
The BØRRESEN 05 is the latest development from Michael Børresen.

If you go for power and refinement, you will definitely love how the BØRRESEN 05 plays your music. Experience how even the smallest details in the music flows seamlessly and with superior precision. Notes from tweeter, midrange and bass units join together in an unprecedented harmony. How do one explain music? you don’t – you just have to listen yourself!

Upgrade to CRYO treated drivers or Silver Supreme drivers (includes CRYO) .

Learn about Børresen 0 series technologies.
Learn about the Børresen Cryo technology.
Learn about the Børresen Silver Supreme technology.

Prices as of March 2021


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Børresen 05:

The Børresen 05 speaker is the absolute flagship version that delivers peak performance out of Børresen’s audio loudspeaker technology.

Experience the best with Børresen and their multi award-winning 0-series loudspeakers. With their determination and innovation they have set a new standard in high-end audio by designing incredible electronic components, and using unconventional materials along with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to create excellent sound. Since all of their electronics are built in-house, the highest quality standards are constantly ensured.

Børresen 05 Tweeter:

The efficiency of this closed ribbon tweeter amounts to an exceptional 94dB and operates from approximately 2.5 kHz upwards. The moving mass is extremely low at 0.01 grams. The totally concealed tweeter has the capacity to operate at an incredible speed, which is an absolute prerequisite to unlocking the most subtle and refined sound details of any kind of music.


Børresen 05 Magnet System: Bass midrange

The Børresen 05 magnet motor is a massive improvement from the industry standard and a creative way to stand out from competition. It is uniquely designed without the use of any iron. In the Børresen magnet motor, 4 opposing neodymium ring-magnets are used to squeeze the flux lines together over two solid copper discs, which now act like pole pieces.

The Børresen magnet system has a high flux of 1.1 Tesla. The solid copper pole rings act as very effective heat sinks. This endows the loudspeaker driver with a very high power handling capacity. The copper pole rings also reduce voice-coil inductance to an exceptionally low value of 0.04 MH (less than 10% of regular standard drivers). The extremely low induction provides the driver with some very desirable attributes that enormously elevate the quality of acoustic performance. A much lower induction means a much faster driver, with no lag. This impacts the overall loudspeaker performance which now becomes much more refined and very detailed.


Børresen 05 Cabinet:

The cabinets of the Børresen 05 are heavily braced, block milled, compressed wood structures, beautifully veneered in walnut and fitted with solid walnut inserts.


Product Description:


Frequency response 25-50000 Hz (50 KHz)
Sensitivity 90 dB
Impedance > 5 Ohm
Recommended Amplifier > 50 W
1 x Tweeter BØRRESEN planar ribbon tweeter
2 x Driver BØRRESEN patented iron free bass/midrange driver – 4.5 inches
4 x Driver BØRRESEN patented iron free bass/midrange driver – 8 inches
Finish: Walnut veneer


155,0 x W: 30,5 x D: 58,0 cm
61.0 x W: 12.0 x D: 22.8 inches
75,0 kg / 165.35 lbs



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