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The new Børresen C1 two-way loudspeaker, is the smallest loudspeaker in the new C series. The C series is a testament to chief designer Michael Børresen, who strongly believes that “even the greatest designs can always be improved”.

The compactly dressed Børresen C1 is tailored for enthusiasts of exceptionally designed stand-mount speakers.

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This first addition to the upcoming C series, makes no compromises on quality and outstanding musicality.


The Børresen C series utilize a mixture of advanced technologies derived

from the highly esteemed M, O, and Z loudspeaker series, with some of

these technologies receiving upgrades and substantial improvements.

“The C1 is a testament to our relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries

of audio excellence. We’ve engineered a compact loudspeaker that

doesn’t compromise on delivering music in an immersive and emotionally

engaging way”, says Michael Børresen.


The stand of the C1 speaker is designed with a clear aesthetic reference

to design elements from Børresen’s sister company Aavik. The meticulously

designed C1 speaker stand made of a natural-based composite material excels

at resonance control and remains uncompromisingly true to Børresen’s

design principles.


The new Børresen C1 will be available exclusively in gloss carbon fiber finish with

black front panel.



Compared to X Series

– Has same tweeter from M series

– Refined magnet system on driver with neo and copper ringers/caps

– new membrane. honeycomb, two layers of spread toe on each side

– More rigid carbon fiber layer on driver

– better magnet system with lower inductance, quieter background, more range and scale



– Larger Cabinet

– Different tuning with rear ports

– 1mm Carbon reinforcement on sides for rigidity


Specifications and more info coming soon!


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