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Kroma Atelier Julieta
Kroma Atelier Julieta

Kroma Atelier Julieta White with Carbon Fiber – Mint Condition


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Beautiful Kroma Atelier Julieta demo in mint Condition. Color white krion with laterals in carbon fiber.

Comes with original flight cases.

Contact us for questions, audition requests and shipping to your location at (617)225-0700 or office@blinkhighend.com .

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Kroma Atelier Julieta White with Carbon Fiber – Mint Condition

Kroma Atelier Julieta is a remarkable loudspeaker. A beautiful combination of masterful engineering and creative artistry.


Kroma Atelier Julieta’s crossover unit is placed in a separate enclosure.  Various types of wood have also been used, specifically for the bass reflex ports. In combination with the units, the Krion and the high-quality crossover (including components from Mundorf and Duelund), an extremely neutral, smooth sound has been achieved, while still enabling the speaker to be easy to control.

Conversely, The dip is around 6 ohms and the efficiency is slightly above 90dB. That makes this slim and especially heavy (50kg!) Loudspeaker controllable with a modest (tube) power amplifier.


The housing of all Kroma Atelier is made of Krion, a non-conductive and non-magnetic material that has a very high mass, so that there is little to no resonance from the housing itself. This ensures a very neutral behavior and natural sound.

Kroma Atelier has chosen Krion to manufacture the speaker cabinets because of its high acoustic insulation capacity, further damped inside with 5mm bituminous felt. In addition, This beautiful design gives the speaker a marble like quality which stands out for its high mass and natural sound without coloration or distortion, while allowing the speaker cabinet to isolate the box by up to 33.5 decibels. As a result, it creates no resonance in the box and gives an absolute natural sound free of rattling metal.


  • Full Krion cabinet with crossover isolated in a hermetically separated chamber
  • Tweeter: Hiquphone
  • Mid-woofer: Scan Speak Revelator 6,5” made under our specifications
  • Passive crossover network with ultra high quality components: Duelund, Mundorf and very special NOS components
  • Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB
  • Frequency Response: 35 to 25k Hz
  • Resonance Frequency: 28 Hz
  • Recommended power amplifier: >15W
  • Dimensions: 106cm high, 29,5cm wide, 43cm deep (base surface)
  • Weight without packaging: 50 kg
  • Enclosure: white krion. Inquire about price and delivery time for other colors.


“Julieta” name comes from the young and fragile protagonist of Romeo and Juliet, the best known ballet by Sergei Prokofiev.

The Kroma Audio Julieta is seen by many people as one of the most beautiful loudspeakers in the world. The Julieta owes its beauty to the design of the graceful stand in KRION. This makes the Julieta a true work of art in any interior. However, this stand is not only beautiful but also functional. After all, the crossover is located in the base of this booth in a completely enclosed room. The Julieta’s sound can best be described as natural, dynamic and lifelike.


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