‘Aavik’ is a Danish term for the Aalborg Fjord Bay. The Aavik technology is based on a D-Class module from Pascal that has been specially modified for Aavik.

While showing perfect sinergy with sister brands Ansuz Acoustics and Børresen Audio, Aavik Acoustics electronics perform superbly in any audio setup.

All Aavik amplifiers, by the way, deliver 300 watts into 8 ohms or 600 watts into 4 ohms, making them ready for virtually any speaker challenge. True to the Rolls-Royce performance claim: “Enough at any time”.

Aavik explicitly uses noise-canceling technology in its devices with the help of manually produced tesla coils and dither circuits to keep the noise floor as low as possible. The more expensive the devices, the more of these devices are built in and the lower the noise level becomes.

Switches and relays are not found in the Aavik amplifiers, light circuits – called LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) take over this task and are extremely quiet thanks to the switchless principle.


The Aavik technology in a nutshell:

  • Modified UMAC™ class D module from Pascal without the usual digital “hardships”.
  • Tesla coils and dither circuitry for maximum noise poverty – Sound-optimized NBCM package material made from a composite, molded for this purpose with as few edges and corners as possible
  • Use of LDR switches instead of the usual relays and mechanical switches.

The deeper the noise floor, the greater the dynamics and the better the music peeled out. It’s a trip into the depths of music recording, so to speak. Away from all the usual high-end clichés, the voice, the instruments – the essence of the music, so to speak – came more and more to the fore.

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