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RAIDHO TD-4.8 Black


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Exploring the Pinnacle of Technology. Raidho Tantalum Diamond 4.8
Even though Raidho’s Diamond cone drivers are already groundbreaking in their technology and performance, Raidho didn’t stop there.

With the new Tantalum technology, Raidho has managed to better their already class leading diamond cones. By adding Tantalum to their ceramic cones, before the diamond layer, Raidho has created a 5 layer sandwich cone, which is even stiffer than our already extremely stiff diamond cones, while at the same time adding huge amounts of inner damping. This means that these cones move completely like a piston without any break-up nodes way above the human hearing limit. (Actually even higher than most high quality tweeters) What Raidho speaker gain from this is lower levels of distortion than any other drive unit on the market, lightning fast transient response, matching their world-famous ribbon tweeters perfectly.

The extremely low levels of distortion, also ensures a very musical and organic reproduction – bringing you closer to the music than you thought possible.


Tantalum is a strong, ductile metal discovered by the Swedish chemist Ekenberg in 1802. Atomic No. 73. This rare metal has a high melting point at more than 3000° Celsius, it is immune to chemical attack at roomtemp, and is an excellent head conductor. Tantalum is used to make components for chemical plants, nuclear power plants, airplanes and missiles. A composite consisting of Tantalum Carbide and Graphite is one of the hardest material known and is used on the cutting edges of high-speed machine tools.

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Inquiries: (617)225-0700 or office@blinkhighend.com

Weight 165 kg

Dimensions: 250 × 1950 × 680 mm

Bandwidth: 26 Hz 50 kHz

Impedance: 5.5 Ohm

Crossover: 200 Hz & 3 kHz 2nd Order

Enclosure: Bass Loading Vented design. Port in rear

Drive Units: 1 x Raidho Sealed Tweeter, 2 x 100 mm Raidho Tantalum-Diamond drivers, 6 x 115 mm Raidho Tantalum-Diamond drivers

Amplification >50 W (Though we have seen excellent results with small tube amplifiers)

Finish: black piano, walnut burl or custom colors

Sensitivity: 90 dB 2.83 V/m

Topology: 3-way

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Product Description

Exploring the Pinnacle of Technology. Raidho TD4.8
Raidho TD4.8. Even though Raidho’s “Cutting Edge Diamond Technology” represents groundbreaking performance and technology, it has never been a question to stop the quest for further improvements.

With the new “Tantalum Diamond Technology”, Raidho has managed to improve their class leading Raidho Diamond Membranes to the extraordinary. – The Raidho TANTALUM DIAMOND TECHNOLOGY.

When Raidho launched the Ceramix drivers, their three-layer aluminum/ceramic sandwich outperformed all existing diaphragm materials. Later Raidho introduced the unique and highly recognized Cutting Edge Diamond Technology. But that doesn’t mean you stop developing the product, searching for superior solutions.

Well, Raidho found one – at a price… Creating the Raidho Diamond drivers requires genuinely cutting-edge technology. Even then, each driver diaphragm takes nearly two days of continual processing to complete. It’s an eye-wateringly expensive option, but when only the best will do, it’s an option you can’t ignore.

But at Raidho they never stop. Raidho wanted to explore new materials and technologies. Materials that the musical reproduction can benefit from, and that’s why Raidho is proud to announce the latest and most exclusive membrane technology ever used in our production of the Raidho drivers.

By adding 1 micron of TANTALUM to the Ceramix membranes, before the diamond layer is added, Raidho has created a 5-layer sandwich membrane, which is even stiffer than their already extremely stiff diamond membranes, which improves the inner damping of the membrane.

The drivers move completely like a piston without any break-up nodes within the human hearing spectrum. (Actually, even higher than most high-quality tweeters). Tantalum is an amazing metal. It conducts electricity and heat extremely well. It is extremely hard, but at the same time both dense and ductile, which is why it is also being used in special ammunition, able to penetrate 1m (3ft.) of solid concrete!

Raidho proudly introduces this new and yet to be seen technology to the world of audio. The unique combination of aluminum, ceramic, diamond & tantalum manifests in the lowest level of distortion ever seen on the market for High End Audio driver technology. The Tantalum Diamond Technology results in lightning fast transient response, matching their world-famous Raidho Ribbon Tweeter to perfection.

The extremely low levels of distortion, creates a neutral and almost life like musical reproduction – bringing you even closer to the music than you thought possible.

No nuance is too small, no vocal inflexion or rhythmic accent too subtle, no dynamic jump too sudden or too great to track. The result is unprecedented realism, presence, musical contrast and communication. The result is performance – THE performance: the capability to conjure real people, in real time, right there in your room – not just the facts but the energy, drama and emotion of the original event.

The Raidho TD-4.8 is the first step into the future of the Raidho Tantalum-Diamond Technology. It might be a small step for mankind, but it is a huge step in the reproduction of music and how we experience the musical presence. It is all about getting closer to the music. A motto and a corner stone in the manufacturing of any Raidho speaker. Always looking in the horizon for new opportunities, new materials to explore, new technologies, all with one common objective; to improve the performance and to bring the listener even closer to the music. The Raidho TD-4.8 – experiencing the pinnacle of musical reproduction!


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