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Creek Audio Sequel MK4 Phono Board for Voyage i20

SEQUEL MK4 Phono Board


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Suits Voyage i20, Evo 50A, Evo 100A and most older Creek amplifiers.

The Sequel mk4 phono pre-amplifier has been designed primarily to match the exacting requirements of the top-of-the-range Voyage i20 Integrated Amplifier. It can also be fitted to most Creek amplifiers produced since 1993!

Adjustable Phono Board Suitable for medium/low output MM or high output MC cartridges – 47k Ohms 40dB or 50dB gain, 100/220pF cap, IEC roll-off, switchable



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SEQUEL MK4 Phono Board

The Sequel MK4 Phono Board by Creek Audio is designed and assembled in Europe using a multi-layer PCB fitted with high-quality mini-MELF resistors, WIMA capacitors and low-noise active circuitry. This makes it ideally suited for Moving Magnet cartridge amplification. To maintain top performance under all circumstances, a capacitance-multiplying filter circuitry is used to maintain ultra-low power supply power and stability.

The Sequel mk4 phono pre-amplifier replaces the internal “LINK” PCB and its function is to boost the signal level and changes the frequency response according to the RIAA standard. It has been developed to simplify the user experience and provide flexibility to match most types of popular cartridges.

Cartridge compatibility recommendation is just a rough guide to allow the average modulation of a vinyl disc to drive the amplifier to maximum rated power. Creek amplifiers range in power from 40 to 120 Watts into 8 Ohms, depending on the model.

Not only can it be switched for 40dB or 50dB gain, but the user can also select 100pF or 200pF input capacitance and IEC low-frequency roll-off, with a simple piano key switch!

The Sequel mk4 is flexible enough to match a wide range of MM and high-output MC cartridges. It is not suitable for medium to low output MC cartridges, which require lower matching impedance and higher gain.

A Sequel mk4 phono pre-amplifier is suitable for use with the following Creek Integrated amps and pre-amps from 1993 onwards. To make sure the Sequel mk4 suits your Creek amplifier, please read the definitive list below:
Evolution 100A and Evolution 50A, Destiny 2, Evolution 2, Evolution 5350, Classic 5350 SE, 5350 SE, 5350 R and 5350, 5250, 5250 R and 5250 SE, 4330, 4330 R and 4330 SE, 4240 and 4240 SE. P42 Pre-amp.

“Sound quality through passion, design and innovation.”
Mike Creek – Creek Audio

The Sequel mk4 phono pre-amplifier is not suitable for use with 4330 mk2, 4330R mk2, 4330 SE mk2, A50i and A50iR. Only discrete transistor, single-rail power supply phono pre-amps should be used. Check with Creek Audio for availability.

Please note: The Sequel mk4 phono pre-amplifier cannot be fitted to the balanced input Destiny 1 integrated amp. This is because its connections to the pre-amp were unique. However, an interface adapter can be made to order which enables a Sequel mk4 to be plugged into a Destiny 1!


Vinyl discs are a great source of high-quality music and are extremely popular again, but few amplifiers are equipped to handle it as standard. The usual requirement is for a separate (stand-alone) pre-amp box to boost signal level and change the frequency response.

In 1990, when vinyl use was in decline, Creek took the decision to leave out phono pre-amp circuitry from its integrated and pre-amplifier designs. However, it left an option to fit a plug-in module in series with the first input. This freed up the first input for Line 1.

For health and safety reasons, the Sequel mk4 phono pre-amplifier must be installed in the Voyage i20 amplifier by the supplying dealer or Creek Audio. The Sequel mk4 can be installed in all other models safely by the user if required.

Exact matching of cartridge gain is not too important, as the amplifier’s pre-amp volume control can always be used to increase or decrease the sensitivity. The recommended cartridge range is just a rough guide.

  • Multi-layer printed circuit boards are used to separate and optimise the various circuit requirements onto separate layers. In this case, the top layer carries most of the circuit interconnections and the bottom layer carries the power supplies. This forms a magnetic shield to prevent hum and noise pick-up, as well as reducing ground impedance to the lowest possible level.
  • Mini-MELF resistors have similar or better noise and stability performance to top-quality through-hole resistors.
  • WIMA is a highly respected brand of close tolerance (accurate) polypropylene capacitors, highly suited to filtering and tuning audio circuitry.
  • The active gain stage in the Sequel mk4 uses the low-noise LM4562 dual-channel Operational-Amplifier, which has ideal noise and input impedance performance to match Moving Magnet amplification requirements.
  • The Link PCB is a small printed circuit board, with 5 pin connector that bridges in the signal from line input 1 to the main pre-amp. It must be manually removed to allow the Sequel circuit board to be plugged in.
  • RIAA stands for The Recording Industry Association of America®. This is the body that determines the frequency pre-emphasis and de-emphasis characteristics of most vinyl disc recordings.


Creek Audio Sequel Mk4 Phono Board - specs



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