“I had the most awesome experience in the Blink studios. If you are a fan of music, as I am sure you are if you came to read about this store, you will love the ambience of the place. I have years of experience listening to concert classical music and am also trained to some extent classically and was shopping for my first high end audio system. I was able to quickly book an appointment with Veronica on the phone the same day I called.

I was welcomed to the beautiful studio in camridge, with a grand piano, which is played by the owner Tim. He has versatile knowledge ranging from jazz and classical piano to music theory and music production, making me really trust his knowledge of speakers and sound.

I was quickly shown the speakers that will fit the budget range and there was no pressure at all while I was listening to the music I wanted to hear. I was of course blown away by the quality of sound and was able to decide very quickly on the purchase.

I revisited the next day and made the purchase decision. Delvery was made the day after. Tim himself brought the system in his car amd helped setup and layout, giving detailed advice on how I could improve the sound.

What I really liked about the experience was that they did not judge me based on how much money I was willing to shell out and treated me very well. All this is besides the great quality of the products they have.

This will hopefully establish a long term relationship with the store as they have a huge number of high end audio products including pre amps, DACs and CD players.

Thank you Tim and Veronica… I will surely visit again!”

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