Rega Planar 8


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The new Rega Planar 8 was developed and engineered to encapsulate the essence of ‘Naiad’ at an affordable price. (White or Black)
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Rega Planar 8 Product Details

The Rega Planar 8 was inspired by the ultimate Rega turntable, the ‘Naiad’. We decided early on that instead of an evolution of the previous RP8, the new Planar 8 was to be developed and engineered to encapsulate the essence of ‘Naiad’ at an affordable price. Our aim was to deliver a level of performance far beyond what has been achieved at this price point before.Every aspect of the Planar 8 is engineered to extract as much detail from the vinyl surface as possible. We have used the most advanced materials and engineering solutions built around a supremely lightweight plinth to ensure the greatest level of performance. The Planar 8 is supplied with the new RB880 tonearm and Neo PSU as standard which offers electronic speed change, advanced anti-vibration control and user adjustable electronic fine speed adjustment to ensure total accuracy and control over the motor. The outer frame of the previous model has now been removed and a new stylish, removable, single piece dustcover has been introduced further reducing the overall mass of the turntable.The Planar 8 will be available with the recommended Ania or Apheta 2 MC cartridges factory fitted at an attractive package price.Please Note: The new smaller footprint of the Planar 8 will not fit on the current Rega turntable wall bracket. We have developed a new lightweight custom Planar 8 wall bracket for this model.



Power Supply – AC120 V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption – 14 W Approx. 0.2W (Standby)
Dimensions (W x H x D) – 17-27/32 x 6-13/16 x 14-21/32 inch
Weight – Approx. 39.7lbs
Accessories – Turntable, Turntable sheet, Dust cover, EP record adaptor, Balance weight, Auxiliary weight(S), Auxiliary weight(L), Head shell, Overhang gauge, Screw set for cartridge, PHONO cable, PHONO earth lead, AC power supply cord, Screw set for turntable, Owner’s Manual


Audio Output – PHONO (Pin Jack) x 1, EARTH TERMINAL x 1

Tonearm Section

Type – Universal Static Balance
Effective Length – 230mm (9-1/16″)
Overhang – 15mm (19/32″)
Tracking Error Angle – Within 2° 32’ (at the outer groove of 30cm(12″) record), Within 0° 32’ (at the inner groove of 30cm(12″) record)
Offset Angle – 22°
Arm-height Adjustment Range – 0 – 6 mm
Stylus Pressure Adjustment Range – 0 – 4 g (direct reading)
Head Shell Weight – Approx. 7.6 g
Applicable Cartridge Weight Range – (without auxiliary weight) 5.6 – 12.0g 14.3 – 20.7g (including headshell) (with small auxiliary weight) 10.0 – 16.4g 18.7 – 25.1g (including headshell) (with large auxiliary weight) 14.3 – 19.8g 23.0 – 28.5g (including headshell)
Cartridge Mounting Dimension – JIS 12.7 mm Interval
Head Shell Terminal Lug – 1.2 mm φ 4-pin Terminal Lug

Turntable Section

Type – Direct Drive Manual Turntable
Turntable Speeds – 33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm
Adjust Range – ±8%, ±16%
Starting Torque – 3.3 kg・cm (2.8 lb-in)
Build-up Characteristics – 0.7 s. from standstill to 33 1/3 r/min
Wow And Flutter – 0.025% W.R.M.S. (JIS C5521)
Rumble – 78dB (IEC 98A Weighted)
Turntable Platter – Brass and Aluminum diecast combined, Diameter 332mm (13-5/64″), Weight:About 3.6kg (7 15/16 lb) (Including rubber sheet)


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