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LINN LP12 Klimax Turntable


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With Klimax LP12, you’ll experience your favourite albums – both cherished classics and those freshly unwrapped – as if it were for the first time.

The latest iteration of their reference turntable, Klimax LP12, produces an even more musical, pitch-perfect performance.

“This is thanks to our latest, hyper-accurate speed management technology, whisper-quiet power supply, and cutting-edge motor design; and also to the level of fidelity achieved following our team’s extensive experiments in material science – culminating in the breakthrough that is our all-new flagship cartridge.”

The configuration listed here includes:

  • Sondek LP12 deck
  • Keel sub-chassis/armboard
  • Ekos SE tonearm
  • Ekstatik MC cartridge
  • Radikal machined DC motor & power supply
  • Urica built-in MC phono stage (analogue out)

Other options: Kandid MC cartridge, Radikal standard power supply, Urika II phono stage (Exakt). Please inquire.

Auditions: 617-225-0700 office@blinkhighed.com

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LINN LP12 Klimax Turntable



Radikal (Machined)

Reference motor control, motor and power supply

Our new, reference turntable power supply features hyper-accurate speed management technology; generating sustained, uniform rotation closer to 33⅓rpm than any turntable.

You’ll experience even more of your music, in perfect pitch, thanks to a digitally managed motor control, and the latest, precision-engineered motor technology. It’s this harmonious partnership of mechanical and electrical engineering which results in new Radikal’s peerless, hyper-accurate rotation.

  • External power supply for LP12 and Urika internal phono stages
  • Brushed DC motor
  • Speed management system checks and adjusts speed on every rotation
  • Dual speed: 33⅓/45 rpm
  • Whisper-quiet supply rails provide impeccably pure power to DC motor


In order to make our best cartridge ever, we needed to look further afield, and at more varied materials. We conducted extensive experiments; auditioning different materials and configurations for the body, inserts, cantilever, suspension, windings and leads. The result is Ekstatik – the new jewel in the crown of the Linn cartridge range.

Our all-new, flagship cartridge, Ekstatik, sets a new bar for arm/cartridge synergy; its unique construction forges an harmonious synergy with Ekos SE; wicking away more unwanted resonances along the arm, and out through the sub-chassis.

  • Linn’s highest-performance cartridge
  • Aluminium-bronze inserts
  • Micro-ridge stylus on sapphire cantilever
  • Machined honeycomb 7075 aluminium body
  • Triple-point mounting system for accurate geometry
  • Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coated chassis


Machined from solid aluminium

Our integrated sub-chassis, armboard and tonearm collar take your turntable to the next level of performance.

Machined from a solid piece of aluminium, Keel provides extremely rigid support to the tonearm and platter. Screws, fixings and joins between each component have been eliminated; removing virtually all vibration. All you will hear is your music.

  • Machined from solid aluminium
  • Integrated armboard and tonearm collar
  • Varying ‘pocket’ depths for consistent centre of gravity
  • Available for Ekos SE & Ekos tonearms

Ekos SE sets a new performance benchmark. Advanced materials have been carefully selected for their sound performance and low resonance properties. These minimise interference, resonance and microphony, meaning you hear every note from your vinyl collection in the way it was meant to be heard.

The arm tube is machined from titanium to reduce resonance, while a stainless steel bearing housing ensures precision of movement.

  • Machined titanium arm tube
  • Ultra-low friction bearings
  • Stainless steel bearing housing
  • Temperature-compensated springs
  • Long headshell accommodates almost any cartridge
  • Supplied with T-Kable (phono version)


A breakthrough in phono stage design, Urika II uses our cutting-edge digital signal processing technology to implement the RIAA curve in the digital domain. This brings you lower distortion, lower noise and more music.

Transported over Exakt Link, the musical information that Urika II delivers is perfectly preserved until the moment it reaches your ears, delivering a musical experience like never before.

  • Moving coil (MC) internal phono stage for LP12
  • The most precise implementation of the RIAA curve
  • Converts music signal to digital at the earliest point possible
  • Lossless digital output over Exakt Link (requires an Exakt-enabled Linn DS or Linn DSM player in the system)
  • Component manufacturing tolerances measured and corrected
  • Optimised for your chosen cartridge


Klimax LP12 comprises:
Sondek LP12 turntable with Karousel bearing, fluted plinth in walnut
Keel machined sub-chassis and armboard
Radikal motor control, motor & power supply, in silver
Brushed DC motor in acoustically isolated housing
Ekos SE precision tonearm
Ekstatik flagship moving coil (MC) cartridge
Urika II moving coil phono stage built-in to suspended base, with analog out
Speed Dual speed 33⅓ & 45 rpm
Motor Type Precious-metal brushed DC motor with moving coil rotor
Width 445 mm
Height 140 mm
Depth 356 mm





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