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Technics SU-G30
Technics SU-G30 Network Integrated Amp and streamer
Technics SU-G30 Network Integrated Amp and streamer
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Technics SU-G30

Technics SU-G30 Integrated Network Amp


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The Technics Grand Class SU-G30 has it all: it’s an integrated amplifier with 140W per channel, phono stage, streamer, headphone out, USB, internet radio, Bluetooth and multiple inputs.

Experience the high sonic quality of this impressive component. Compatible with ST-G30 server.

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Ideal Simplicity and Performance Realised by the Most Advanced Digital Technology

The SU-G30 features a built-in network playback circuit with thorough measures against jitter and noise. This achieves a simple circuit structure: it transmits digital audio data through the shortest possible signal path from the music sources all the way to the power stage with extremely low signal degradation, realising uncompromised sound quality and providing a comfortable user interface for seamless app operation.

High-Quality Processing of All Types of Signal Sources Ranging from Legacy to the Most Advanced High-Res Audio

Supporting a diversity of input sources, such as Spotify, Internet radio, digital audio (DLNA, USB, Bluetooth) and analogue audio (Line, Phone), the SU-G30 digitally processes all types of signal source. It also supports the latest high-resolution formats (384-kHz/32-bit, DSD11.2 MHz).

*Compatible music streaming services will be supported sequentially through firmware updates

Reference-Class High-Quality Audio Technology

Inheriting the reference-class audio technology concept, the JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimization) transmits and processes audio signals in full digital and with minimal jitter from the input stage to the power stage. The GaN-FET Driver performs high-speed switching with minimal loss. The LAPC (Load Adaptative Phase Calibrator) conducts speaker load adaptive phase calibration to achieve ideal gain and phase characteristics for any type of speaker. The newly developed low-distortion switching power supply realises accurate power supply by suppressing switching frequency fluctuations caused by load shifting.



Output Power

  • 100Wpc into 4 ohms
  • 50Wpc into 8 ohms


  • 430mm x 98.5mm x 424.5mm/approx. 11 kg


  • Two digital coaxial, digital optical, analog line, USB-A, USB-B, phono (mm), Ethernet terminal headphone, WiFi, Bluetooth, AirPlay

Digital input formats

  • Digital coaxial: PCM up to 192kHz/24-bit
  • Digital optical: PCM up to 96kHz/24-bit
  • DLNA, USB-A, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC up to 192kHz/24-bit; AAC up to 96kHz 320kbps MP3, WMA up to 48kHz 320kbps; DSD 2.8MHz/5.6MHz
  • USB-B: PCM up to 384kHz/32-bit; DSD 2.8MHz, 5.6MHz, 11.2MHz with asynchronous transfer mode


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