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Entreq Apollo Powerus 6 outlets – preowned


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Sold Out

Received as trade-in. In flawless condition.

  • 6 outlets (3 double Furutech outlets).
  • Hard wired Apollo Power cord, matching internal wiring and Furutech outlets. Direct and uninterrupted signal path for your electronics.
  • Natural and easy flow in the sound.

This item will be carefully packed for insured ground shipping. Original box is not included.

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Entreq Apollo Power Conditioner Powerus


From the manufacturer: “Power distribution systems work in three distinct areas. Distribution, Cleaning and subsequent Grounding.
Most of the other brands who manufacture Distribution or Power cleaning products concentrate their work on cleaning the phase. This is in an attempt to obtain a nearly perfect 50/60hz wave form. This sounds good in theory and looks good on paper but in our opinion, the result is still synthetic, unnatural and compressed.

We believe that the fundamental issue in the Power network, is associated with the Zero and the ground.  Many times in the modern home we are overloaded with products that operate noisy switching power supplies or products that dump noise or field effects directly back in to the mains supply. This of course goes full cycle and so the problem increases! Things like halogen lights,  fluorescent lights, heating pumps, freezers, phone chargers, broadband routers etc are particular culprits. These types of devices typically cause high-frequency interference on the mains but these and other products also litter the ground/earth plane with strong magnetic fields & pulses. This can if in large enough quantities pose a health risks to us humans – but in our terms, as music lovers, this problem negatively effect’s our sensitive audio system as it tries to deal with that delicate signal we call music. In addition we have also examined the effect the audio equipment itself has on introducing noise, ripple effect and further magnetic induced field effects, into the power chain as well as the audio signal itself.”

This product is “fundamentally designed to minimize, reduce or negate all of the above issues.
With Powerus we focus on starground for the outlets, asymmetrical design,cabling with optimized area for handle high frequency, each outlet are feed from one point, and of course no magnetic material. Find a balance and an insight into your music collection as never before.”



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