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Kef LS50Kef LS50
Kef LS50
Kef LS50
Kef LS50 MI gunmetal (demo)
Kef LS50 MI gunmetal (demo)

Kef LS50 MI gunmetal (demo)


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DEMO pair in gunmetal. In excellent condition with original packaging. Barely used.

The favorite bookshelf speaker!

An innovative concept inspired by the legendary LS3/5a, LS50 mini monitor speaker is designed to bring professional studio monitor concept into the home.
Rarely the case in such a compact design, the LS50 monitor delivers a rich, multi-dimensional ‘soundstage experience’ that is out of proportion to its size. Patent-pending acoustic designs, together with state-of-the-art technologies from KEF’s flagship Blade loudspeaker, provide the ultimate studio experience – even in the smallest of spaces.

Using the very latest Uni-Q driver designed and manufactured by KEF, LS50 generous listening sweet spot, and delivers immaculate sound.

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